Project Planning and Resource Management

We provide management and project planning at an advanced level as required to accomplish project progress and costs. We can operate in an internationally recognised stages Prince 2 project environment or gated process and multiple work stream project formats.

Experience of redesigning multiple project planning format to provide resource planning for complete companies or departments, down to section levels. Using Master MSP resources file data placed in to an Excel spreadsheet to extract the work and availability data, this is completed by dedicated VBA software not the ‘Analyze’ function on MSProject. Data can be combined with a sales forward plan which is fed in to the Excel spreadsheet. The results are in graphical format for ease of interpretation, showing month by month information. Removes the need for MS Project Enterprise software.

KPI data, in the form of milestones completion or project RAG status, can be also be obtained from MSProject for analysis and is normally for a complete department.


Typical Gantt Chart



Resource capacity chart



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